Relationship vs. Rules

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Note to self…August 16th

Note to self…August 16th.

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Are you Developing OR Destructing?

The True Vine


The very last command that the Lord Jesus gave us became known as the great commission.  This passage of scripture lays out our marching orders as a Christian community, and the exact order was to make disciples.  In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Teaching them to observe all I have commanded you; lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Are we living up to the words that Jesus commanded?  Are we making disciples, or are we pleased with increasing conversions?  Without the local church teaching and nurturing the new believer the odds are very good that they will fall away.  A study by living waters ministries revealed that 84 to 97 percent of all new believers eventually backslide, and…

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Expert tips on teaching kids with ADHD…


KarensPictureKaren Sunderhaft is a nationally recognized teacher, author and ADHD expert. We had the opportunity to pick her brain for ideas on teaching kids with ADHD a little while back and thought “back to school” time would be the perfect time to share her tips with a new audience.

Karen has been a teacher for 21 years. She has been spending time learning, writing and speaking about ADHD since 1999. After completing an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Philosophy at Boston College and receiving two awards upon graduation. Karen earned a special education degree with a concentration in learning disabilities at Northern Michigan University.

Over the years, Karen has taught at prominent private schools such as Laurel School and University School in Shaker Heights, Ohio and Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Delaware. Karen currently teaches at Kenston Middle School in Ohio.

For three years, Karen ran the academic learning center for…

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Being Inclusive

This Day With God

Noted in Luke 14:1-24 are several lessons on being inclusive. In the first lesson, Jesus is invited to eat at the house of a prominent Pharisee. At the house was a man suffering from dropsy which is a condition of swelling in the legs; a painful condition. Jesus knew the Pharisee was trying to trap Him but this is probably why Jesus accepted the invitation. It would be another teaching moment.

Jesus always looked for opportunities to meet the needs of others and to teach about appropriate steps to take in life. He asked the question, “is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath” (v. 3)? Everyone stood silent so he healed the man in distress. He then pointed out that most people would agree that helping a farm animal or a child in distress on the Sabbath would be acceptable so why would it not be proper to help…

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Note to self…August 2nd

Note To Self - Daily Reminders For The BrokenHearted

Note to self...Aug 2nd

Note to self…
God promises not to take my sorrow and replace it with joy, but to actually convert my sorrow into joy. He promises that I will laugh again.

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A Battleground, Not a Playground


When God created the heavens the earth, He meant it to be the perfect place for man to live.  Global warming did not exist.  There were no holes in the ozone, no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no hurricanes, no cyclones, no tornadoes,  or tsunamis.  There were no floods or droughts.  There were no rogue waves and no sinkholes.  There were no contagious diseases or biting insects.  There was no hunger or thirst.  There was no poverty or greed.  Nothing was in danger of becoming extinct.  In fact, death didn’t exist.  War and homelessness weren’t even part of the vocabulary.

So what happened?


Man entered the picture.  Man, a creature made in the image of his creator–just a little lower than the angels–, had the free will to live by the grace of God and the ability to worship Him with every part of his life.  For the LORD is God, and he created the heavens…

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