When You Wish You Were Someone’s Favorite

Faith Spilling Over... Into Everyday Life

he loves each one of us post image

The word “favorite” conjures up delicious images of mangos, chocolate mint ice cream, dark roast coffee, mozzarella pizza with fresh basil, the color pink, and the deep azure water of my favorite beach.

When my brothers and I were kids, we’d ask Mom and Dad, “Which kid is your favorite?” As if having a favorite kid were like having a favorite ice cream flavor. Mom and Dad always maintained that they loved each one of us equally, but we kept asking. We clamored to know which one of us my parents loved best. When my kids were little, they asked my husband and me the same thing: “Which one’s your favorite?”

Down inside, we all long to be someone’s favorite.

That’s part of the magic of falling in love and getting married. We dream that someone will treasure us and love us no matter what. That’s part of the magic…

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