Am I Striving or Abiding?

Fearfully Made Mom


I’m doing it again.

The habit has become so rehearsed, so familiar, I rarely recognize it. I fall into it again like a dance step.

I’m striving.

Sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m striving toward. I trick myself into thinking it’s Christ but is it really? Does a relationship with God through Christ mean constantly feeling insecure, like I’m always missing the mark?

I don’t believe it does. As a matter of fact, I know deep down in my gut this isn’t what following Jesus means.

But the problem is often I don’t even realize when the abiding ends and the striving begins. It’s as though there should be some line in the sand where I can see if I’ve wandered over into the land of constantly feeling less than, not measuring up, and losing the gold star.

I once heard someone say the most beautiful attribute of God…

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