Focus on the ONE that Makes the Impossible Possible

This Day With God

From the first encounter with God at Bethel in Genesis 28 to his return and another encounter with God as explained in Genesis 35, Jacob was surrounded by things that took his total focus away from God. He had been influenced by others who were going down the wrong path.

Jacob went through years of struggle; working for his father-in-law who was not a believer and forcing Jacob to work as a servant for seven years before he could marry his daughter. Then being tricked by his father-in-law who gave a different daughter to him in marriage.

Jacob gained wealth only through God’s providence. He was hated by his jealous brother-in-laws and faced many challenges until being directed by God to go down the right path. As he returns to his homeland, he has another encounter with God at Bethel. God blessed him and gave him a new name…

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