Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY?

Vincent Egoro

3372060864_2e4c319a04_zAre you aware of the inner conversations going on in your mind? A lot of us really don’t mind what we tell ourselves. We are so used to things going backward; we have become so accustomed to failing that we think it is our second nature. But guys we are not meant to fail, and until you wake up from those thoughts, until you make a conscious and deliberate effort to alter your life course, things will never change.

When I was a young student in my Secondary school Physics class, I was taught the Newton’s law of Motion. One of them, the first law states that an object continues to be in a state of rest and an object in motion, continues in motion until an applied force acts on it. So you see your life will continue to be the way it is, you will continue to experience…

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