When the World Turns Against You

Angela Nazworth

path across water

Today (in)Courage is featuring a post of mine where I share about one of the loneliest times in my life. It was a season when I had few friends and felt as though far more people were against me than for me. Rejection, resentment, and ridicule gouged gaping soul wounds that later twisted themselves into knotty scar tissue, tender to the slightest provocation.

During those dark days, I held tight to Jesus and to all he is and all he promises. I knew he was near. I felt his presence, guidance and protection. I truly don’t know how I would have survived without my savior. I don’t think I would have. But can I get really honest for a second and let you in on a secret I didn’t want to admit even to myself?

Sometimes God’s love confused me more than it comforted me.

I couldn’t understand why…

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