Don’t take my word for it, take His.

The True Vine


On that famous journey to Emmaus, he found fault with the two disciples for not believing what the prophets had said. They ought to have known from their Bibles that the Anointed One, when He came, would enter His glory through suffering. He then explained, from “Moses (Pentateuch) down, all the places in the Old Testament “Concerning Himself” (Luke 24, 25-27). Jesus clearly identified Himself with a figure often mentioned in the Scriptures; appropriated to Himself many passages where a modern scholar might see no such reference. In the predictions of His Own Passion which He had previously made to the disciples. He was obviously doing the same thing. He accepted indeed He claimed to be the second meaning of Scripture.” ~ C.S. Lewis gplus-icon

Biblical skepticism, in an individualistic culture, is growing rapidly. When I share a quote on any of the social media’s from Plato, there is…

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