Loving Through the Risk

Fearfully Made Mom

greater love

My husband and I have a running joke that when our three-year-old reaches the dating age, he is going to be trouble.

He loves anyone and everyone, but his affection toward the ladies overflows. As Daddy drove him to the hardware store over the weekend, he rolled down the window, blowing kisses to the female in the vehicle next to them.

When they reached their destination, my husband watched in horror as the blushing woman turned in behind them. Fortunately, it turns out kids my boy’s age are more cute than offensive.

His complete confidence that his love would be reciprocated got me wondering, “When do we lose that?” Or when do we start to care if we’re avoided?

It seems as though we reach a certain age and lose our childlike joy in extending uncontained, extravagant love. Is it the first time we’re rejected? Or do we decide it’s…

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