When We Place Limits on an Infinite God {A Guest Post}

Brandi Rennemeyer

My sweet friend Abby McDonald is with us today and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This amazing woman is a woman of deep authentic faith and her words have inspired me so so much! She has a gentle way of pulling the truth of the Word of God into my every day, challenging me to change towards Him and yet encouraging me with every step.  At the end of this post is a little bit more about Abby and a link to her blog and social media. She would LOVE to connect with you, and trust me, you have to meet her! It is an absolute honor to have her here, sharing coffee and an honest look at the vast influence of the Holy Spirit. 

Abby's Sand Quote

“I find that people often expect too much from people and too little from God.”

The words from author and speaker, Christine Caine, stung because I…

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