Love goes the extra mile: on creativity.

In the Marginalia

I’ve always thought I was creative.

Then I had kids.

And much less energy.

And my days turned to focus on functionality and survival.

Ok, not all of the time, but a lot of it…especially these days, between nursing a newborn and a not-quite-yet two year old with tooooons of energy and a growing love for being “outsiiiiiiide” 24/7.


These last few days I’ve been feeling really challenged by the Lord to love my family well by being more creative, thinking outside the box. I’m realizing this truly is a service to my family and death to myself in a way. Why? Because it requires even more energy than the daily grind of getting up, getting everyone ready, fed, and keeping us all alive during the day. It means I miss my nap time in order to plan some fun for Ari this week. It means I probably stay up…

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