He is in Control

This Day With God

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We can plan out our future, take action, and work hard but following God’s will is most important for a bright future. In reading Genesis 30, we get examples of just how omnipotent and sovereign God is because in everything from bearing children to career success, we see that God is the ONE who is in control.

After working for Laban for 14 years, Jacob was ready to go back to Canaan but Laban wanted Jacob to stay because God had helped Laban prosper through Jacob. Then an agreement was made that Jacob’s wages would consist of receiving the black and multicolored goats and the speckled and spotted sheep.

Very few off color sheep and goats would normally be born from a solid color flock. Then, Jacob had some ideas to help with breeding so that more off color sheep and goats would be born. These ideas…

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