From @EdStetzer…Is the church guilty of “spiritual abuse” toward the mentally ill?


shutterstock_154131002I’d encourage our readers to check out this thought-provoking post from Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research, titled A New Approach to Mental Illness in the Church, posted at Christianity Today this past Friday.

In the article, Ed shares of his struggles early in his pastoral career when he found himself inadequately prepared for challenges he faced in ministry with people impacted by mental illness. Here’s an excerpt from Ed’s article…

I was unprepared to deal with mental illness, and by my actions, I almost denied that it is even real. Of course, I would have been prepared for any number of other forms of illness. If someone had come to my church with a broken leg, I would have recommend they go see a doctor. For virtually any other illness, I would have said the same.

It is common practice in churches, however, to treat mental illness differently. We immediately assume…

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