When You Feel Defeated, Remember the Cross

Angela Nazworth

Because of the cross

The cross was intended to stop him.

The religious leaders wanted the man who threatened their grip on power gone.

They did not want some poor carpenter from Galilee crashing their turf, upturning tables, calling them liars and thieves. They claimed to be righteous and holy men who lived to serve God, but they lived only for themselves; and Jesus was about to ruin everything.

They wanted and expected a Messiah who would quell the mighty Roman army with a single swipe, ending the oppression that had been known for nearly a century. They wanted their world to change dramatically for the better without altering their way of life.

But Jesus wasn’t that type of savior. Jesus didn’t come to kick butts, he came to transform hearts. Their hearts. And what he asked of them was messy, uncouth, and dangerous. They existed to preserve, protect and execute the law and…

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