Brandi Rennemeyer

Her eyes were swollen with angst. Tears pouring over the brims like thunderous rain. Terrorized memories flooded her mind.

The deafening throb of the crowd.

The piercing sound of metal met by the defying crack of cedar.

The blood. There was so much blood.

Her mind still whirling. It seemed as if reprieve from the torture of misunderstanding was not ever going to come. None of it made any sense, the accusations were twisted shanks of lies. The decisions came from the power seat like lightening slicing through time with ferocious anger. And now this, this last soul ripping slap of insult.

“Where is my Lord, Why isn’t He here!” cried her heart bleeding tears in a furry of brokenness.

Pleading with even the silent trees around her, clawing the air for answers, she wept. Hard. Her world crumbling into ruin all around her. Crippled by fear and stifled by…

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