For the One Who Can’t Forgive

Fearfully Made Mom


For the longest time, those words Christ uttered with his body pinioned to the cross didn’t make sense to me.

“Father, forgive them.”

I didn’t want the witnesses to be forgiven. They didn’t deserve it. As they hurled insults at him, making a mockery of my God, he suffered the unthinkable.

Why would he say such a thing?

I would have much preferred him to say something like, “Father, punish them,” or “Father, condemn them.”

But no. In a moment where everyone he loved had abandoned him, including his own Father, he sent up a plea for forgiveness. He longed for the unrighteous to be made righteous through his suffering.

He turns the attention of history’s greatest love story from his agony to our need.

I just didn’t understand it. And because I didn’t get it, I failed to see my own need to extend forgiveness as well.


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