The Power of Presence {Stronghold Part 2}

Brandi Rennemeyer

I am not one to engage in hot-topic discussions. Those particular conversations tend to send me to the other room in pure un-comfortableness. But this one… this is one I think we need to talk about.

The Holy Spirit.

I don’t know why, but this particular part of our Christianity is an elusive discussion. People vary on this topic like the many stages of the moon. Some people think it’s only a charismatic thing. Other’s think it’s a Book of Acts thing. Some won’t touch the subject with a ten foot pole because they can’t explain it and it’s spooky. Other’s only focus on it, making it the focus of their lives, while others find it naturally part of everyday- Christian life.

Let’s face it. It’s like talking about sex.

But just like a good marriage can’t survive without the intimacy of a healthy sex life, your relationship with…

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