Surround Yourself with People of Integrity

This Day With God

The post Association contained some written thoughts from the study of Genesis 14. A lesson learned was that the people we associate with are so very important. Lot was near the sinful city of Sodom and because of this association; he lost all his possessions and was taken captive. On the other hand, Abraham was where God wanted him to be and with the people He wanted him to be.

Being around a negative environment can cause great damage in societies. Think of societies that begin to break down. Respect for people breaks down, respect for authority breaks down, and respect for keeping the surroundings upright breaks down.

Like in Genesis 14, the area became a crime riddled wasteland and wars broke out. What once was the place to be, near prosperous activity and growth became a devalued area not because of location but because of the lack of integrity…

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