What It Means to Be Important {A letter to my daughter}

31 Days of Speaking Life

Dear C:

Do you remember that conversation we had a few nights ago, right before you went to sleep? It went something like this:

You (in a sleepy little whisper): “Mommy has a new job – Mommy is important!”
Me (trying to sound casually curious): “So … I’m important now that I have a job?”
You: “Well … yeah.”
Me: “Honey, it’s not a job that makes a person important.”
You: “Oh, okay …” zzzzz

I know you were only half-awake. But I want to know what you really think about this. And you need to know for yourself –

What makes a person important? Is it a job? Your parents? Friends? Talents? Accomplishments? Possessions?

Who decides whether a person is important – or not?

Because I like to know where words come from, I looked up the origin of the word “important.”

Important(adjective): of…

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