A faith that doesn’t falter

Beautifully written Anna!
Thank you for sharing your heart here on your blog today!

trust God, believing for the impossible,

There’s something that has been nagging on my heart all week.

Something that I don’t want to admit.

Not to myself, and certainly not to others.

It’s paradoxical and quite simple.

I’m Christian and I’m not a believer.

Those two things don’t belong in the same sentence together.

But even though I wish I could deny it I know that more times than not it is the truth.

As Christians our faith is based on the fact that we believe.

We can quote the famous John 3:16 verse which says that it is all who believe in Jesus that will not perish but have eternal life.

But the issue is not that we have a problem believing God for our eternity but that sometimes we find it hard to believe in that same God for our every day life.

At least I do.

If I truly believe as I profess…

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