Trusting God in the Battle

hope, trust Jesus, trust God, testimony of healing,“You have cancer.”

“You are going to lose the house.”

“Today is your last day at the job, we are letting you go.”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

And just like that you go from being healthy to lying on a hospital bed.

To looking for a place for your family to sleep at night.

To finding a new job.

To saying good-bye.

Today, as I was reading Christine Caine’s testimony of being healed from cancer tears filled my eyes because it reminded of another woman living in a different country many years ago who had similar words spoken to her.

Words that brought so much darkness into her heart.

Words of a sickness that could end her life.

Words that brought her to many nights stay in a hospital bed wondering if it would be within those walls that her end would come.

That woman was my mom.


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