MORE Than A Conqueror

A timely reminder

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Have you noticed how hard it is to find just plain dish washing liquid anymore? How about detergent? Even bleach. You can’t even buy just plain bleach anymore. Everything today is Ultra. New Tide Ultra or Ultra Clorox bleach. Everything is new and improved-better than the original-which was quite good in its own respect. In Romans 8:18-39, Paul shows the Christian how to become not just your plain ordinary, everyday conqueror but instead Paul shows how we can become “MORE than Conquerors.”

There are some things in life we cannot change. We say we can’t do anything about the weather and perhaps this is so, but we can do things to make it easier to live with the weather we have. When it’s cold, we can put on a coat. When it rains, we can get a raincoat or a  umbrella. These things don’t change the weather, but…

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